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There is incredible diversity in the food that can be enjoyed by travellers when visiting South Korea. From street food to Michelin starred restaurants, Royal Cuisine to Korean Temple Food, and everything in-between.

Street Food

Affordable street food can be found at markets, subways and from Pojangmacha (street carts) along popular areas.

Chimaek, the combination of fried chicken and beer (Maekju in Korean), is one of the most popular among locals and tourists alike. It’s ideal for a late-night snack shared with friends.

Royal Cuisine

Royal Cuisine traditionally consists of 12 dishes with recipes having been passed down, by word of mouth from court cooks and royal descendants, for generations.

As well as being written records of royal feasts, today it allows you to eat like a king at specialty Royal Cuisine restaurants across South Korea.

Temple Food

Vegetarians will love Korean temple food which refers to a type of cuisine that originated in Korean Buddhist temples for more than 1,700 years.

To a Buddhist monk, eating is more than enjoying good taste and nutrition; it is a process of seeking truth. Today, temple food is gaining renewed attention for being as close to nature as possible, and for reminding people of the essence of life.


Above all you have to experience Kimchi – Korea’s famous export which is served at every meal (including breakfast) and varies by region.

A single Kimchi contains more than ten vegetable and condiments that blend well through fermentation to create a rich and savoury dish. Additionally, Kimchi is loaded with ‘good bacteria’ that strengthens the body’s immune system.


Foodies need to visit Jeonju which has been recognised as a UNESCO City of Gastronomy for safeguarding its culinary heritage.

It is also the birthplace of Bibimbap, Korean mixed rice with meat and assorted vegetables. Let your nose be your guide and head to one of the many popular street-food stalls to find out why.

And finally, if you want to recreate Korean dishes when you return home – take a local cooking class to understand how to combine flavours and ingredients and head to the food markets across country to see and try the array of fresh local produce.

For more information on the Korean cuisine, click on the link below.

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