60th Anniversary

2021 is the 60th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations Between South Korea and Australia

Diplomatic relations were developed between South Korea and Australia in 1961, and since then the countries have developed expanded cooperative relations in sectors as diverse as tourism, education, business and the arts – making a significant contribution to the relationship.

A special bond between South Korea and Australia was forged when the Australian military joined the Korean War, 70 years ago, with Australia dispatching some 17,000 troops to defend South Korea’s freedom.

Today, South Korea and Australia maintain closer cooperative relations than ever before. Korea is Australia’s fourth largest trading partner and before COVID-19, tourism was popular between both countries. In 2019, more than 300,000 Koreans visited Australia and over 170,000 Australians visited South Korea.

Basic Facts of South Korea and Australia

South Korea
Northern Hemisphere
Southern Hemisphere
100,340 km2
Land Size (1:77)
7,692,000 km2
51.8 million
Population (2:1)
24.9 million
GMT +9
Time Difference
GMT +11
Capital City & Largest City
Canberra / Sydney